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8 Great Activities for Your German Shepherd

Keeping Your German Shepherd Active

Every dog needs a proper amount of activity to stay fit and healthy, and since the German Shepherd's energy level is moderately high to high, they are no exception.

If you left your German Shepherd Dog or puppy in a room all the time, it will affect the health of your German Shepherd. It is really important to implement proper exercise and train them on a regular basis. They are keenly intelligent; therefore, you can easily teach them exercises and tricks.

German Shepherds must be well socialized at an earlier age. If not, it will be difficult to handle them, and they could exhibit dangerous behaviors. German Shepherds are easy to train but if you begin at an earlier age you are ahead of the curb. By taking time to properly train them, they will become highly obedient and loyal pets. We at North Mountain Kennels give you the best German Shepherds from fully trained adults to puppies with basic obedience that can perform various tasks.

8 Great Activities to Keep Your German Shepherd Busy:

1. Hiking with you German Shepherd

Most German Shepherds love hiking. These dogs are really strong; therefore, hiking enables them to endure long distances, which helps them to burn off energy. Moreover, hiking can benefit your German Shepherds health by utilizing nature's playground as a natural obstacle course!

Always remember to pack a first aid kit for yourself and your canine partner when you are going hiking with your German Shepherd.

2. Finding Objects

German Shepherds love finding objects. If you get a trained German Shepherd puppy, then you will be thrilled to play the nosework games with them. Dogs use their nose instinctively. Why not make it an active role in hunting for its food? Moreover, you can hide some of your dog's food and see how he/she searches for it. This activity will help them to be physically and mentally strong.

3. Go Swimming

Swimming is another great and amazing activity that a German Shepherd can do. Take your German shepherd with you if you are going swimming. This will help your dog in gain strength without high impact contact on the ground.  Saving its joints from the abuse of impact on the ground. You can play fetch at the time of swimming as an exercise. It will be great fun when you have to do these types of activities with your dog.

4. Daily Exercise and Walks

Daily walks are very much needed for physical activity. By walking on the road and parks, they will observe people and hear the sounds in the environment. Always seek new environments to explore with your Geman Shepherd.  Don’t ever walk the same path daily.   Keep it fresh and interesting.

5. Play Fetch!

German Shepherd is an amazingly intelligent animal. To exert lots of energy playing fetch can be a great exercise. Your dog will stay in shape by playing fetch, but be careful not overdue physical exercise in a young dog as to avoid damage to growth plates.

You both will enjoy and have a fabulous time playing fetch together. Frisbees work excellent for playing fetch. These games will help German shepherds to move quickly, work on timing, coordination, and agility.

6. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a fun and adventurous game to play with German Shepherd. You and your friends can hide anywhere and let the dog find you. It will be fun, and your dog will use their mental cognition. This is considered the best and fun activity for a German shepherd. To keep the German Shepherd healthy, daily exercise is really important. German Shepherds are usually quite an active type of breed, notably when they are small.

7. Lure Coursing

Perfect for German Shepherds with high prey drive. This activity harnesses the genetics prowess of any predator.  The thrill of the chase!

8. Camping

The German Shepherd Dog is a really strong dog and is perfect for families and people who like the outdoors. These dogs make an outstanding camping escort as they are usually quick plus in harmony with the forest environment. They will quickly alert you if there is any sign of danger. Generally, they love to roam outside and love to explore new things.


A German Shepherd is usually a high-energy and strong dog so investing some effort and time to give them proper training. We at North Mountain Kennels breed and train German Shepherd dogs, so you need to get off on the right foot allow us to give your puppy the basic foundation in obedience.

German Shepherds love to do physical activities, so please do not contain your dog for excessive periods of time or keep them isolated in a room. So, play fetch with your dogs and take them for a walk. It will help them to become healthy and fit and form a stronger bond with one another rather than just co habitation. The German Shepherds available at North Mountain Kennels are very friendly and are easy to train. If you have any questions related to German Shepherd Puppy training, then contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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