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A little more about our pups

Quality is the most important factor to consider when looking to buy a dog. There are many things to examine, such as health testing, genetics, and behavior of the puppy’s parents.

Here at North Mountain Kennels, we provide some of the best purebred German Shepherds you can get. The parent dogs we breed with are some of the most intelligent, loyal, and best performing German Shepherds available.

We only breed the healthiest of dogs to ensure that the pups don’t inherit any health issues. We strive to provide you with the best quality puppies that will live a long, healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Browse some of the frequently asked questions we get about our puppies here at North Mountain Kennels. Still have a question? Contact us today!
When do I get my AKC papers?
Depends on when your puppies parents are imported into the USA. Documentation and DNA testing can be a long process through the AKC. Sometimes lasting up to 6 months or longer! COVID has shut down the European registries and the AKC for an entire year. Countless breeds have been submitted and waiting for papers so the process has been backlogged. Your puppies pedigree can be provided to you via a copy. You only need it just in case you bought a puppy with breeding rights.
Do you ship dogs?
Yes, I ship puppies typically using ground transportation. I will ship cargo but I prefer not to.
Is my puppy trained?
No, if you would like a trained puppy we can train it for you at an additional cost or check our turnkey puppy page to see if any trained puppies are currently available.
Where are you located?
Can I visit your dogs?
You may visit upon appointment only. No interaction with adult dogs is permitted. You may view them from the perimeter of the fenced yard.
Are your German Shepherds purebred?
Yes, all of our puppies are purebred.
Does my puppy come microchipped?
Yes! Free of charge forever!
What vaccinations does my puppy get?
Your puppy will have one if not two rounds of vaccinations before they go home.
Is it safe to take my puppy to dog parks?
No! Please do not ever take your puppy or dog to dog parks.
Is it safe to stop at a rest stop on our travels back to our home on the day of picking up our puppy?
No, please do not put your puppy on the ground at a rest stop. There are far too many unvaccinated dogs and unseen viruses that linger at rest stops.
How much does my puppy eat?
Puppies vary and food rations will vary depending on the brand of food I feed. You will be given instructions on how much your puppy eats on the day you pick up.
What payments do you accept?
Cash, Zelle or wire
How much extra are breeding rights?
How much do your puppies cost?
All German Shepherd puppies cost $2,000. $500 of that is non-refundable
Can I reserve puppies?
Yes, reservation fee is $500.

Fall Breedings 2021

Currently Accepting Deposits for These Litters:

Upcoming Litters of  German Shepherd Puppies

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Currently Available Puppies

Sorry, there are no puppies currently available. Check back soon for upcoming litter information.

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North Mountain Kennels breeds working line German Shepherd puppies. Parents are titled and imported out of Europe. Temperament tested and health tested hips/elbows. We select only the best pedigrees from World Class Champion Bloodlines.
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