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German Shepherd Turnkey Puppies

We take the hassle out of training your new puppy with our ready to go, pre-trained turnkey puppy program. Get one of North Mountain Kennels purebred German Shepherd puppies and take it home with the foundations of basic obedience behavior already taught to them.
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What's Included with Our Turnkey German Shepherd Puppies

See what all is included with your new German Shepherd turnkey puppy from North Mountain Kennels:
Vet & Health Checks
Vet checks, vaccinations, & deworming while in our care.
All puppies are microchipped before leaving our facilities.
30 Days Free of Trupanion™
30 days of Trupanion™ Pet Insurance are included.
Safe, regular socialization with puppies & adult dogs included.
Support for the introduction period to their new home.
Foundation for Obedience
Learning basics like come; sit; down; and much more.
Hands-On Demonstrations
See firsthand what they learned during pickup!
AKC Registerable Forms
Get the forms to register your purebred German Shepherd.
Weekly Updates
Stay current with your puppy's training progress with us.

Turnkey Puppy Program Options

4 Week Turnkey Puppy Program
6 Week Turnkey Puppy Program

Our 4 Week Turnkey Puppy Program

This option allows me to introduce crate training and establish a routing of eating/sleeping and potty times in the comfort of my home setting. In conjunction the puppies learns basic obedience commands like: Sit, come to its name, leash walking, down, place pad. Puppies always have safe interactions with fully vaccinated dogs and puppies in my home. This program is limited to my home setting as your puppy is not fully vaccinated to take out into the public domain such as lowes, tractor supply.

Our 6 Week Turnkey Puppy Program

This option includes the puppy and everything mentioned for the 4 week program. The 6 week course allows me to take your puppy into the public domain for exposure to novel environments and people. The extra two weeks is highly valuable in adding motor memory skills due to the extra length of time in training.

Currently Available Turnkey Puppies

Sorry, no turnkey puppies are currently available.

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North Mountain Kennels breeds working line German Shepherd puppies. Parents are titled and imported out of Europe. Temperament tested and health tested hips/elbows. We select only the best pedigrees from World Class Champion Bloodlines.
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